Book review: Empty Mansions

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When a search for a new home leads to discovering a huge, wildly expensive home which apparently had been owned and maintained but not lived in for decades, a journalist decided to look into the history behind them. What he found was a remarkable woman whose life was one of secrecy and incredible generosity.

Manga review: Hayate the Combat Butler vol. 14

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This is a volume of revelations and surprise information! Hayate gets to meet some of Sakuya’s quite interesting family (you can see where she gets it from), Hinagiku braves her fear of heights in her quest to confess something vital, and Azumamiya, the coward from many books ago, finds himself without his dependable butler and…

Play me a sad song

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I don’t talk much about music. It’s just there, an ever-present but, since college, unremarked upon thing. But as I was driving home from work on Friday, I realized that when it comes to songs that actually impact me, most of them are songs which portray negative emotions. I’m not sure what it is. I…

Comic review: Heroes for Hire vol. 1

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People who have been following my reviews for a while might be thinking, “Lissibith? Didn’t you already review this book?” Well, yes and no, my long-remembering friend. Because what I read and reviewed before was the Power Man and Iron Fist Essential collection. And this? This here is the Epic collection. I trust you see…

Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my Fantasy 101 syllabus

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Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme hosted by the awesome The Broke and The Bookish blog, and this week’s theme is top  ten books that would be on my syllabus if I taught Fantasy 101.

Novel review: Getting Wilde

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There’s also usually at least one, usually more, excessively hot love interest. It’s comfort reading, a pure vein of escapism. You know what you want coming in, and the best ones feed that need with enough of a twist to let their heroine stick in your memory.   And this is one of the good…

Riddle me this

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I occasionally hear people asking in the various writing circles I frequent, “what’s the best way to write a character who’s smarter than you?” Since most of my characters are my brain level or below, it’s not something I’ve had to personally wrestle with too much, but this weekend I ran into a kissing cousin…

Book review: Valley of the Raven

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Manga review: Deadman Wonderland #10

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Novel review: Moonglow

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