Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things I need to stop or have stopped

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Top Ten Tuesdays is a meme hosted by the awesome The Broke and The Bookish blog, and this week’s theme is the top 10 bookish things I either need to quit or have quit (Well, 8. I cane up dry on the last two :( ).

  1. The Sebastian St. Cyr books.

I mentioned this in the list of characters I never got on with, but it always disappointed me that I didn’t like the first book in this series more. It seemed like it should have everything I like, both in setting and in style. And it wasn’t even a bad book! But there was just something about it that made me stop after a single book. :(


  1. Young Avengers comics

The first Young Avengers series remains one of my favorite comics ever – a great mix of the young, new superhero stuff that they keep trying to recapture with incarnations of Spider-Man and the sort of wonderful group dynamic that characterizes the best Justice League, X-Men and Avengers stuff. And every time they bring those characters back into a series since then, I always buy it. And every time, I get more and more disappointed. I need to just… Stop.


  1. Deadman Wonderland

Much like another series I liked in the beginning – Muhyo and Roji’s Bureau of Investigation – Deadman Wonderland had a great premise that I really enjoyed and an overarching story that seemed to have a good idea where it was going. But once that original arc finished up, it kept going, and it lost its drive and lacked the intensity. So, I’m pretty sure I’m done.


  1. Neil Gaiman

Though this is a bit of a tossup now, since I just recently found a short story of his that I REALY enjoyed. But mostly, I keep reading his stuff, and thinking how it’s really good, but I just don’t *enjoy* them. And so, when people ask me about them, I generally end up being noncommittal because the people who ask generally love his stuff. Better to just not have read it.


  1. Charlaine Harris books

It took me one Lily Bard book and one Sookie Stackhouse book to realize this author was not for me. At all. I think I see why they appeal to people, but unfortunately, the things they did well were the things I cared about the least in a book.


  1. Quantum and Woody

Another one I’m not *sure* about yet, but it’s getting there. The early bits of this walked a great tightrope between sarcastic and offensive and absurd, and it worked really well. But it felt like lately, more and more of its stories are getting a little too extreme toward one of the spectrum or the other, and it’s not as funny to me anymore.


  1. Buying based on cover

It almost never works out how I want it to.


  1. Putting too much stuff on my To-read list

It’s not even like I HAVE a pile the way most people do. I just have disparate to be read lists – on Goodreads, on Booklikes, on Amazon, on B&N… they’re all different and all at least a bit substantial. I really need to just get ON with it.

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