Comics reviews

Comic review: The Dead

Imagine if the afterlife were neither a dichotomy of heaven and hell nor just another life, but was instead a giant house with room after room that seem impossible attached to one another – many filled with monsters, some willed with fellow post-mortals and only one mythical one offering a real hope at salvation. That’s…

Comic review: Step Aside, Pops

I wish I had the words to describe what Kate Beaton’s humor is like. It’s sort of absurd, highly unexpected and laced with an undertone of trying to teach you things (I know, right?) But trying to actually encapsulate why it’s so hilarious to someone who hasn’t read it before is an impossible task. You…

Comic Review: TMNT Vol. 3

Splinter is gone, and the Turtles are off to get him back – with help from both old and new human allies, and this series continues to amuse me. Also, I am doing my best to keep from making an “enter the dragon” joke in this review, but my will power may not last.

Comic review: TMNT Vol. 2

With Raph back, the Turtles are a whole family once again – and we learn a bit about the past of the man known as Hamato Yoshi, before he became a rat known as Splinter. It seems that every version of the Turtles plays a little with the backstory and this one is no different….

Comic review: Gunnerkrigg Court 5

One of the interesting things about reading the trade collection of a webcomic that you don’t get so much with a more traditional comic collection is seeing things in greater context. Regular comics come in chunks of 20-32 pages usually, allowing for the story to be read as chapters. But for web comics, they’re often…

Comic review: Alias Vol. 1

With the TV series coming up soon, Marvel re-offered Alias, and I decided to give it a go. After all, I’d read Jessica Jones before, in the original Young Justice series, and I liked her there, so maybe I’d like this one too? Yup!

Comic review: Twisted Mirrors Vol. 3

Disclaimer up front – this is my sister’s web comic. So when I say I really enjoy this entry, you can keep that context in mind. But I really do like this book, and I feel like this series is improving with each volume.

Comic review: Princess Ugg vol. 2

I did it again. I unwittingly started at book 2 of a series AGAIN! Ugh. And in this case, I think I’d really suggest starting at book 1. I’m used to this by now, and I found it a little tough to follow at the start. Not impossible, but if you can come into it…

Comic review: Heroes for Hire vol. 1

People who have been following my reviews for a while might be thinking, “Lissibith? Didn’t you already review this book?” Well, yes and no, my long-remembering friend. Because what I read and reviewed before was the Power Man and Iron Fist Essential collection. And this? This here is the Epic collection. I trust you see…

Comic review: Quantum and Woody Vol. 4