Manga reviews

Manga review: Ghost Hunt

High school student Mai is just enjoying a fun afternoon trading ghost stories with her friends when a transfer student interrupts, expressing interest in hearing the stories as well. Her friends are taken with this handsome stranger, but Mai tells herself she’s less than impressed.

Manga review: Miles Edgeworth Investigations 1

I could make this the shortest review in the history of me writing book reviews. If you liked the Phoenix Wright serial manga (not the books of short comics), you’ll like this. If you like Miles and Gumshoe from the games, you’ll like this. If you just want mystery manga, it’s still entertaining, but the…

Manga Review: Detective Conan Vol. 43

Going to sporting events in the Detective Conan universe is dangerous.

Manga review: Detective Conan 42

Detective Conan is a manga that largely doesn’t go anywhere. I don’t generally mind this. It’s similar to its peers in other media in that way – sort of a gag-a-day but for mysteries. I get why it bugs some people, but I’ve never been bothered about it because I enjoy the mysteries. Still, sometimes…

Manga Review: Fairy Tail Blue Mistral Vol. 1

Jesus, you guys, this book is so cute.   SO. CUTE.

Manga review: Sword and Mist Vol. 1

Zhen, an assassin, known as a Wolf, is hired to take out a horrifying official known for torturing young women to death. When the Wolf finds his target, he also finds himself drawn to the alluring women the villain is eyeing as his own next target. He figures he can take care of two things…

Manga Review: Hayate the Combat Butler 17

Sometimes you know you’re done with a series because it brings you more negative than positive. You’re bored, you don’t care, you actively disliked the last book. That’s when it’s easy. You can feel the reasons why you should stop wasting your time and money. But other times, it’s less straightforward.

Manga Review: Awkward Silence, Vol. 1

So, you know those young love stories? Two people admit their feelings for one another and begin a new relationship, but poor communication and insecurity lead to misunderstandings between them? Yeah, this is basically that, in spades.

Manga review: Hayate the Combat Butler 15

While this volume gives us an experience with both a pool and a sauna (and neither one is particularly vacationy), this volume was enjoyable for the introduction of a new character with her head in the clouds.

Manga review: Hayate the Combat Butler vol. 14

This is a volume of revelations and surprise information! Hayate gets to meet some of Sakuya’s quite interesting family (you can see where she gets it from), Hinagiku braves her fear of heights in her quest to confess something vital, and Azumamiya, the coward from many books ago, finds himself without his dependable butler and…