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Book review: The Secret Rooms

Nonfiction generally isn’t my thing. I read it occasionally when interest warrants, but mostly, I stick to my sci-fi and fantasy. But when this book crossed my path first, years ago, I had to put it on a TBR pile to consider for later. And last month, when I realized my library had it, it…

Novel review: Firelight

Firelight, the first book in the Darkest London series, is a supernatural romantic adventure of a different sort. When Miranda’s ruined father announces that she is to wed the much-gossiped-about and terrible Lord Archer (well, he says it’s her choice – but he also says he’ll throw her out of the house either way) she’s…

Novel Review: Hero

Hero is the second book in the Woodcutter Sisters series, and where the first followed Sunday, this one followed Saturday (and as the next book stars Friday, so I guess we’re going backward along the days of the week?) who’s off on her heroic journey.   And like the first book, I liked it okay,…

Manga review: Sword and Mist Vol. 1

Zhen, an assassin, known as a Wolf, is hired to take out a horrifying official known for torturing young women to death. When the Wolf finds his target, he also finds himself drawn to the alluring women the villain is eyeing as his own next target. He figures he can take care of two things…

Comic review: Twisted Mirrors Vol. 3

Disclaimer up front – this is my sister’s web comic. So when I say I really enjoy this entry, you can keep that context in mind. But I really do like this book, and I feel like this series is improving with each volume.

Book Review: How Buffett Does It

Investing in the stock market may be one of the most hyped occupations in the world for stakes and glitz, but oddly enough, this little book makes it sound both approachable… and mundane. In a good way.

Book review: Empty Mansions

When a search for a new home leads to discovering a huge, wildly expensive home which apparently had been owned and maintained but not lived in for decades, a journalist decided to look into the history behind them. What he found was a remarkable woman whose life was one of secrecy and incredible generosity.

Book review: Valley of the Raven

Manga review: Deadman Wonderland #10

Comic review: King #1