4 stars

Comic review: The Dead

Imagine if the afterlife were neither a dichotomy of heaven and hell nor just another life, but was instead a giant house with room after room that seem impossible attached to one another – many filled with monsters, some willed with fellow post-mortals and only one mythical one offering a real hope at salvation. That’s…

Manga review: Ghost Hunt

High school student Mai is just enjoying a fun afternoon trading ghost stories with her friends when a transfer student interrupts, expressing interest in hearing the stories as well. Her friends are taken with this handsome stranger, but Mai tells herself she’s less than impressed.

Novel Review: Awakening

I was very kindly given a copy of this book from Full Fathom Five through NetGalley in return for an honest review – Many thanks! Sometimes, you get used to a genre and it’s conventions. It’s comfortable. You pick the book up and you know you can count on certain things. And the sometimes you…

Book review: The Secret History of Fantasy

The Secret History of Fantasy is a 19-story collection of what I’m given to understand is unusual or different fantasy, along with a couple nonfiction essays about the genre as a whole (and of course, the forward by Peter Beagle). Taken as a whole, it was a varied and sometimes fascinating read, though as in…

Comic Review: TMNT Vol. 3

Splinter is gone, and the Turtles are off to get him back – with help from both old and new human allies, and this series continues to amuse me. Also, I am doing my best to keep from making an “enter the dragon” joke in this review, but my will power may not last.

Manga Review: Detective Conan Vol. 43

Going to sporting events in the Detective Conan universe is dangerous.

Comic review: TMNT Vol. 2

With Raph back, the Turtles are a whole family once again – and we learn a bit about the past of the man known as Hamato Yoshi, before he became a rat known as Splinter. It seems that every version of the Turtles plays a little with the backstory and this one is no different….

Novel Review: Deadlands: Ghostwalkers

This book was very kindly provided by Tor through Net Galley in return for an honest review. _________ Let’s get this out of the way first — I love Deadlands.   For those who aren’t familiar with it, Deadlands is a tabletop RPG combining the Old West setting with the mad science of pulp novels…

Manga Review: Fairy Tail Blue Mistral Vol. 1

Jesus, you guys, this book is so cute.   SO. CUTE.

Manga Review: Hayate the Combat Butler 17

Sometimes you know you’re done with a series because it brings you more negative than positive. You’re bored, you don’t care, you actively disliked the last book. That’s when it’s easy. You can feel the reasons why you should stop wasting your time and money. But other times, it’s less straightforward.